How I do it

Connor Melanson


I strive to always come out to the property after making a verbal conformation on time and location with the homeowner or business and take pictures and measurements of the areas being addressed. This way the recreation is to scale and can be used to help find costs for the homeowner or company doing the installation.


The end goal behind all this is to leave the customer thrilled with their new landscape design before work even begins. I strive to execute stunning photos of the re-creation and put a smile on your face.


Connor Melanson is a 2D/3D landscape designer that provides a visualized product before the project even begins. With our programs I am able to recreate your home and surrounding landscape to give you the opportunity to visualize the product you will be paying for and installing.


In 2016, Connor Melanson wanted to make an impact on many homes and businesses in the area and hopes to achieve and expand on that goal.  He works diligently with the customer to make sure every detail they want is met and to provide a satisfying outcome for everyone.


I am a young inspiring designer who has a passion for landscape design. My father has been in the industry for 30 years in landscape horticulture and lawn fertilization. It has helped spark my interest in the landscape design field. I started off as graphic designer for a printing company and left there to manage and begin landscape design for a landscaping company. From there, I have since then done work freelancing but also partnering with landscaping companies to help execute designs with them side by side and provide beautiful designs from beginning to end.

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